Saturdays & Sundays 10am – 2pm
Biscuits & Gravy

scratch biscuits, housemade pastrami gravy, side of breakfast potatoes 10.5
add fried eggs* 2.5 / add bacon 3.5

Old Row Breakfast Plate*

breakfast potatoes, fried eggs, Mr. B’s Toast, choice of bacon or black bean patty 10

Roasted Vegetable Hash

breakfast potatoes, baby kale, mushrooms, squash, bell peppers 12
add fried eggs* 2.5 / add smoked steelhead* 4.5

Avocado Toast

griddled soda bread, avocado, watermelon radish, sprouts, fried capers 9
add fried eggs* 2.5

Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich*

pastrami, fried egg, swiss (or)
kale, mushrooms, fried egg, swiss, side of breakfast potatoes 9.5

Huevos Rancheros

tortillas, fried eggs, black beans, feta, salsa, avocado, breakfast potatoes 10.5

Brioche French Toast

cinnamon custard, macerated berries, maple syrup 10

Steel Cut Oats

brown sugar brûlée 6
add raisins 1


Two Fried Eggs* 2.5
Bacon 3
House Black Bean & Grain Patty 3.5
Breakfast Potatoes 2.5
Housemade Granola & Milk 5
Grilled Soda Bread 2.5
Biscuit 3
Fresh Fruit 4