Welcome to the Produce Row

Produce Row has been the pulse of the craft beer movement for over 40 years. Originally opened in 1953 as a breakfast café for the produce dockworkers, Produce Row was bought and converted to a pub in 1974 by Mike and Brian McMenamin. When the brothers decided to get into the beer making business, they sold “The Row” to the employees in 1978 and moved up to their first brewpub location on Hawthorne.

For the next 30 years The Row was owned and operated by a small group of partners led by Alan Karpinski and Steve Piucci. The Row had an active music scene and led the city in the craft brew movement always boasting the best, eclectic line up in town.

Alan Davis bought the building and business in 2008 and undertook a major renovation to the facility updating all furniture and fixtures. Along with the remodel came a sophisticated whiskey program quickly putting Produce Row on the map as one of the great Bourbon Bars in America. Alan closed The Row suddenly in late 2014 for personal reasons alarming the loyal patrons around the city.

In April 2015, Alan sold The Row to Jim Hall and Josh Johnston. Jim and Josh are local, owner-operators of a group of great Portland establishments, including several Portland Institutions, Paddy’s Bar & Grill and The Cadillac Café. Alan felt confident that Jim and Josh could “carry the torch” of Produce Row and its long history.

It’s our honor to serve you as our guests. Please enjoy the delicious food and drink in this great Portland landmark.